Why invest with us?

Take advantage of affordable investments with high returns and make a genuine social impact

Experts in UK social property

We offer rental yields of up to 12% with individual freehold properties from £35,000

At Aperta Invest we believe in focusing on what we do best. As social housing experts with over 30 years experience in the property sector, we are driven only to deliver the best possible results and at the same time help those most in need.

Alongside the clear financial benefits available to investors, we also take pride in offering our clients a fully integrated service that encompasses acquisitions, full portfolio management and expert guidance and advice from a member of our dedicated accounts team.

Targeting the UK’s most valuable property regions

Average rental yields are now far higher in the north of England and Scotland than anywhere else in the UK.

With our social housing and commercial portfolios focused specifically in these areas, investors working with us can be assured of attaining strong rental returns for a fraction of the investment costs they would pay in other areas such as London.

Average rental yields are now far higher in the north of England and Scotland than anywhere else in the UK.

Fully tenanted,
turnkey-ready properties

One of the greatest concerns for landlords is the uncertainty around tenancy agreements, and above all the fear their properties may remain empty for long periods.

We fully understand these worries, which is why we’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with local government authorities and housing associations to ensure any social housing property you invest in will be fully tenanted on sale completion.

Case study


County Durham £32,000

We offer a range of opportunities to acquire property at very low cost, provide resources and management to implement refurbishment and then source tenants for high yield rental. We can also organise a quick sale for immediate return

This refurbishment project in Duke Street, Hartlepool gave the investor an immediate 30% growth in market valuation and, within 3 days of completing refurbishment, was tenanted at an annual yield of 14% on the combined cost of purchase plus renovation

The numbers

SPI FEES: £3,000



The Portfolios

Blackpool High Yield

Government Backed Rentals

Hartlepool 2x2 beds

Social Housing

Lightbox Sheffield

Tenanted Housing

Manchester Towers

Off Plan

Our available properties may change on a daily basis, due to demand.

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