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We offer you security, diversification, and market leading rental returns from buy to let property without the day-to-day hassle of being a landlord.

The strategy of our portfolio is very simple, investor funds are used to purchase a wide range of income producing property assets in multiple sectors throughout the UK.

The income generated from these assets is then distributed amongst investors giving you high returns over a 5-year period.

We focus on properties that already deliver high rental income with long leases offering consistent income and strong chance of capital growth.

Challenges For Private Landlords

New research has looked at the true cost of being a private landlord and how the profitability of the buy-to-let sector has been squeezed by the introduction of government legislation in addition to all the other associated costs.

Hiring a property manager to oversee the day-to-day
operations helps but it takes a lot of time to shop for, analyse, negotiate, and keep up with rental properties.

The Solution.

In contrast, you can invest in property by purchasing just a minimal number of shares from Aperta and receive a passive income without the headaches and stress.

As an investor you therefore have the peace of mind knowing that you effectively own a share of the property company until your capital is repaid. Only when you have been repaid in full is the charge then lifted. This is our commitment to you because you are our number one priority.

The UK Property Market

The property sector has always been one of the most secure and profitable investments for any portfolio and according to recently published data it has also been the best performing investment in modern history. Bolstered by the UK economy consistently being one of the strongest in the world, this sector continues to offer safe and steady increases in rental yields, with valuations growing every year for the past 25 years.

Property Market Predictions

There’s optimism around the property market now, with Rightmove saying the average time to agree a
sale fell to just 28 days in November. Experts are split on whether this will last, however, with some believing the market (and house price growth) could slow down now that the government’s coronavirus financial support schemes and the stamp duty cut have come to an end.

Halifax says the housing market will eventually feel the effects of the economic downturn, with ‘greater downward pressure on house prices in the medium-term’.

Why Social Housing?

Research commissioned by Shelter found that an estimated 1.7 million adults in private rented housing
expect to become unemployed due to the pandemic. An integral part of the Government’s Coronavirus recovery plan has been to make the case for investment in new social housing to support jobs, the construction sector, and deliver the social homes required in England. This would be delivered through the current and future Affordable Homes Programmes (AHP), which is the government’s primary route for funding affordable housing.

Why Fulfilment Centres?

The escalation of ecommerce during the pandemic has meant the retail landscape has jumped forward
5 – 10 years in terms of uptake and consumer engagement with a 50% increase in online sales. More than half of UK consumers are now shopping online, and UK online spend is forecast to increase 29.6% by
2024, according to retail analysts at Global Data. Inevitably, what this will lead to, is the inexorable
demand for faster and faster deliveries.

Security Trustee

A key feature of Aperta is that security will be registered over the Company in favour of the Security Trustee who will hold the security on behalf of the investors as an additional protection for investors.

Mandaris Trustees (Malta) Ltd, a fully licenced trustee company recognised under the Trusts and Trustees Act, will act as an independent security trustee as it does for multiple investor groups. If, for whatever reason, a default occurs, the Security Trustee can take control of the assets and realise value and recover funds on behalf of the investors in accordance with the terms of a security trust deed.

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